Departmen of Journalism

The aim is to grow experts who can work as a reporter, page typist, redactor, columnist, an editor and so on in periodicals and have the necessary technical, graphical and administrative skills. The department accepts 100 students every year.

Career Opportunities

The graduates of this department can easily work in visual and audial media organizations as well as printed media field, especially in news centres, to get the public informed within ethical rules. Lack of trained and qualified personnel in the sector has increased the need for the students of our Faculty. The graduates of Journalism can also work as a press agent in different agencies and institutes.

Department of Public Relations and Publicity

It aims at training experts who can set up communication leaving a positive impression on the target group about the institution which is either private or public. Courses on public relations and advertising are taught by the academicians of our Faculty and successful figures from the field. Students have internship opportunity so that they can turn the theoretical information into practice. The Department accepts 75 students every year.

The concept of Public Relations includes many disciplines such as psychology, sociology, communication and so on. Its interdisciplinary nature has made Public Relations much more important and the education more comprehensive. Istanbul University Faculty of Communication offers such comprehensive education that the students can learn about the field with all aspects.

Career Opportunities

Department of Public Relations and Publicity trains countless personnel for both public relations and advertising sector.  Being a member of Istanbul University is a privilige in job applications. Having education mixed of theory and practice, our students get a successful professional life and produce radical works that lead the public. That there is a public relations department almost in every agency and institute has paved the way for our students. Plus, the increase in the number of advertising agencies since 1980s proves that there is a huge need for this department.

Department of Radio, TV and Cinema

This department of ours aims at generating expertise knowledge which enables the students to interpret social, political and economical events, thus growing qualified personel for TV publication and production. It accepts 60 students every year. The graduates of this department find jobs in different branches of radio, Tv and film sectors. We do our best to provide everything necessary, in terms of both technical equipment and content, for our students to make their individual plans real apart from the courses which call for practice. For this reason, it is not surprising that our many students have won awards in important competitions. 

Career Opportunities

The students of the Department of Radio,Tv and Cinema are among the wanted ones for all the TV and radio institutes. Many of our graduates have carried out successful works both in front of and behind the camera. Our graduates also refresh the filming sector and meet the lack of necessary personnel.