Application Units under Faculty of Communication:

There are four application units for students to gain experience: İHaber, Akademi TV, Radio İletişim and Atölye Simetri.

  • İHaber News Agency and İletim

     Our news agency was launched to offer both theorotical information and apllied journalism in the Faculty of Communication (then School of Press and Publication) on 13th January 1989. Being the first news agency opened within a university, it was named “Istanbul University Radio News Agency” in 1997 and presented the news written suitably in radio language in all other radios. After taking the name of İÜHA, its inner environment was totally renovated and modernized in terms of journalistic facilities and technological equipment in 2002.

    Having reorganized for a more digital journalism, the agency was equipped like modern news agency. Twenty part-time students in addition to voluntary ones from Department of Public Relations and Radio- Television and Film work there. Students from Department of Journalism can also service their internship in the News Agency. You can follow it on ihaber.istanbul.edu.tr.

     İletim Journal was set up as an application newspaper which the students prepare in an academic environment to pour the theories they have learnt into practice. Having started its broadcasting life in October 1986, İletim is the place where the students take their first step into the profession. Composing the theorotical information offered in the courses and practice, İletim Journal has grown many succesfull figures for the media world.


     İletim Journal aims at filling the practice gap of the students who are adorned with theorotical knowledge. They find enough opportunity to practice starting from news writing and photography, which are the first step of journal’s publication, to each level of desktop publishing. İletim Journal is published with the contribution of interns, permanent volunteers and research assistants for consultancy.

    İHaber supplies İletim Journal with most of its own news. In addition, the students working for the journal go for the relevant events in or outside Istanbul when necessary. The students who are having their 2nd year in the Department of Journalism have to serve their internship in İletim Journal under the control of volunteer permanent students and instructors.

    İletim Journal also gives place to the translations of articles and texts published in foreign journals and magazines and is sent to universities in Turkey, Istanbul University units and relevant public institutions. It is also available in the Faculty of Communication and the website of the Faculty.

  • Radio İletişim

    Radio İletişim is another practice platform where Istanbul University students can present their creativity and express themselves freely.

    Radio İletişim made its first broadcasting on FM 103 frequency and on local level in 1993, but now it makes its voice heard from all over the world.

    Tape recordings as well as live broadcasts are accepted. The content is fully prepared by the students in weekdays. Each kind of programs including airplay can be broadcasted with the condition of respecting the principles of Istanbul University and being boradcasted regularly.

     Microphones of Radio İletişim is not only for Radio-Tv-Film students, but also for the other members of the Faculty of Communication and Istanbul University. You can choose contributing to 10 permanent students/ broadcasters voluntarily and make your own programs within the hours allocated for you and make your voice heard by the millions.

    The broadcast of Radio İletişim is performed in Mavi Studio, student application center in the Faculty of Communication building. You can listen to Radio İletişim on http://www.istanbul.edu.tr/radyo/ and enjoy the music.


  • Public Relations and Advertising Workshop “Atöyle Simetri

     Launched in 2001 under the body of Department of Public Relations and Advertising, Atölye Simetri aims at bridging the gap between academic world and communication sector.

     Students in the workshop prepare blogs and e-bulletins, thus feel the pulse of the sector, follow the developments and produce works with high strategical importance.

    Considering its using the social media effectively as its first principle, Atölye Simetri also organizes important events and organizations.

Erasmus agreements/ programs

     We signed Erasmus agreement with 19 distinguished Faculties of Communication. These universities are in Germany, England, Austria, Italy, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Poland and Lithuania. As the part of the agreement, academicians as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students can also avail of Erasmus change programs. Each year new Erasmus countries are being added.

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  • Magazine of the Faculty of Communication

   Magazine of the Faculty of Communication is an important tool for the works carried out in communication context in Turkey to hit the target. Our magazine aims at raising the bar thanks to the jury consisting of Turkey’s distinguished communication experts performing their studies under the body Istanbul University Faculty of Communication.

    Being the guidebook of the each member of communication world, Magazine of the Faculty of Communication follow the developments, fill the gaps with relevant academic works and provides an academic insight into the questions and arguments on the agenda. It also creates a suitable environment for the young communication experts who to want to reach to academic criteria to practice.